What is the strange substance that the explorers found in the Algerian desert?


Algerian Adrar desert.

In May of the year two thousand and twenty, a meteorite was found in the Algerian desert of Adrar, which is twenty million years older than the age of the Earth, or two and part of a protoplanet that has existed for more than four and a half billion years.

When that planet was formed, the old system was only two million years old.

What is the strange substance that the explorers found in the Algerian desert?

Adrar desert meteorite, Algeria:

This Lasik is an invaluable treasure for scientists, but who found it and how it was done and with the relationship of this meteorite to crimes, chases and kidnappings.

In this episode, we will discover many important facts about a meteorite, which scientists see as the most important discovery in human history.

The discovery of a meteorite in the Algerian Adrar desert:

Throughout history, about sixty-five thousand meteors have been found, most of them are from the primary cloud, which surrounded the sun, while about three thousand meteors are fragments and parts of space objects, the largest and ninety-five percent of those fragments.

It is part of the crust of the asteroid Vesta for the Moon or Mars, and a group of researchers led by geochemist John Alkesbra published the preliminary results of his study.

Where it turned out that this meteorite does not belong to the group of ninety-five percent, as scientists found in its composition materials that are not found in any other meteorite, which will help scientists understand how the solar system was formed.

The source of the meteorite in the Algerian Adrar desert:

Scientists believe that this meteorite is part of a planet with a diameter of about one hundred kilometers, where hot lava accumulated on its surface, which increased the temperature of the planet’s core, which is made up of aluminum. Or for four and a half billion years in space until he landed on Earth about a hundred years ago.

 But why was it found only a year ago?

Every year, about two thousand meteorites fall on Earth, and scientists do not always have enough time and money to search for those meteorites, and most of them land in the oceans and remain there forever, while other meteorites land in different parts of the planet, and sometimes even in cities.

But the nature of the terrain in some places does not allow the search for these meteorites, as some of them are quickly filled up because of the sediments, and others are hidden by herbs and trees. Searching for meteorites.

But how are meteorites found?

In August of the year two thousand and twenty in the Brazilian city of Santa Fe, a group of meteorites fell in one place and immediately after that, the locals went out to get them after a few days when the scientists arrived in the area they found only some small pieces.

Scientists were unable to find a large meteorite to study, so one of the large pieces was purchased for five thousand dollars in the Moroccan city of Erfoud. Seventy percent of the local population is engaged in searching for meteorites, as these meteorites are searched in the desert and remote places, and then they are sold at a reasonable price.

Who are the meteorite hunters?

Thus, the profession of meteorite hunters emerged, and these people are the ones who find ninety percent of the meteorites that are discovered. Michael Farmer is one of the most famous meteorite hunters in the world, and he has been practicing this profession for more than twenty years.

During this period Michael earned a lot of money.

 But how much are meteorites sold and who buys them?

In the year two thousand and twelve, four displaced people from the planet Mars were offered for sale in an auction, as their price ranged between seven hundred to one thousand and seven hundred dollars per gram.

Martian meteorites are very rare, as only sixty features have been found, and they are not expensive because they are rare, but because they are from Mars. Most of what can happen is for someone to buy a piece from another planet to eat it.

As some rich people boast about eating pieces of the moon, especially since the fragments of its surface are fragile, and they can be eaten, but those who want to pay thousands of dollars to get pieces from other planets, Steve Gorey Fitson, a member of the board of directors of Tesla and S Pieces X, for example, does so and he is a fan of collecting meteorites.

His wedding ring is even made of a four-billion-year-old meteorite.

Elon Musk’s relationship with meteorites:

Elon Musk collects meteorites as well, and that is not strange for someone who wants to invade Mars, and meteorites can cost a lot of money, but the ICO or To meteorite is the most expensive of all. It is worth noting that the hunting profession is not profitable.

But at the same time , it is very dangerous. In the year two thousand and eleven, Michael Farman flew to Amman to search for rare fragments, but the local police considered his work illegal.

As a result, he spent three months in solitary confinement and lost thirty kilograms of weight before gaining his freedom. The authorities also confiscated the money he had collected, and he was prevented from entering the country forever, but three months in solitary confinement is not the worst that can happen to a meteorite hunter.

Michael travels to Kenya.

Michael has another, much worse story that same year.

Michael flew to Kenya after several meteorites fell there at once. That was almost the last trip of his life for the first two weeks. Michael enjoyed the luxury hotel in Nairobi, visited some nature reserves, then Michael arrived at the meteorite fall area and bought many pieces collected by the locals. Then Michael and his driver decided to move to another village, in search of meteorites.

There, a group of armed men was waiting for them. Michael and his driver were taken into the bush, where a hood was placed on his head and threatened with death if the money was not obtained.

It sounds like a movie scene, but it actually happened and fortunately Michael was carrying the money with him and he was able to pay the ransom instead of losing his life.

But his driver disappeared after that and no one could find him, maybe he escaped from that place and maybe the kidnappers killed him.

Someone must have made a lot of effort to find it. They are fragments that are difficult to distinguish from ordinary stones with the naked eye, but if we put them under a microscope, they will summarize the history of the universe for us.

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