What is the difference between OSPF and RIP?



RIP, despite being the most widely used protocol with the lowest overheads, cannot be used in larger networks. OSPF outperforms RIP in terms of transmission cost and is better suited for larger networks. OSPF also has the highest throughput and the shortest queuing delay. So here this article gives the OSPF vs RIP to better understand this topic.

What is OSPF?

OSPF stands for Open shortest path first is an IGP algorithm with a link-state and a hierarchical structure. It is an improved version of RIP that includes features such as multipath routing. Least cost routing, and load balancing. Is the primary metric for determining the best path is the cost.

What is RIP?

RIP stands for routing information is a direct implementation of distance vector for the local network. Every 30 seconds, it sends an entire routing table to all active interfaces. The only metric for describing the best path to a remote network is hop count, which can be as high as 15. It prevents routing loops by limiting the number of hop counts allowed in the path.

Difference between OSPF and RIP



OSPF stands for open shortest path first

RIP stands for routing information protocol.

OSPF works on the Dijkstra algorithm

RIP works on the bellman ford algorithm.

OSPF is a link-state protocol and it analyzes different sources like the speed, cost, and congestion while identifying the shortest path

RIP is a distance-vector protocol and it uses the distance or hops count to determine the transmission path.

OSPF is basically used for larger size organizations in the network

RIP is basically used for smaller size organizations.

OSPF, there is no such restriction on the hop count

RIP allows a maximum of 15 hops.

OSPF is networks are classified as areas, sub-areas, autonomous systems, and backbone areas here

RIP is networks are classified as areas and tables here.

OSPF is a more efficient routing protocol than RIP

RIP is not a more intelligent dynamic routing protocol.

OSPF calculates the metric in terms of bandwidth

RIP calculates the metric in the terms of hop count.

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