What is the difference between OSPF and EIGRP?

What is the difference between OSPF and EIGRP?
What is the difference between OSPF and EIGRP?


EIGRP and OSPF are interior gateway routing protocols that interact with routers to aid in the selection of routes for data transfer or sharing.  EIGRP was a distance vector routing protocol, whereas OSPF was a link-state protocol. So, in order to better understand this topic, this article compares OSPF and EIGRP.

What is EIGRP?

EIGRP is an acronym for Cisco’s interior gateway protocol, which operates on a dual network. It is used to distribute Cisco’s vector protocol, which operates on dual. It’s used to send data from one router to neighboring routers in the same area. Despite its complexity, it is simple to configure and run in both small and large networks. It was created to address the shortcomings of traditional distance vector routing protocols like IGRP and RIP, which were difficult to scale to meet the network’s needs.

What is OSPF?

OSPF, which stands for open shortest path first, is a routing protocol that is similar to EIGRP, but it is an open IETF standard that can be used and deployed in a variety of networks. The OSPF protocol was designed with the goal of developing a link-state protocol that is more efficient and scalable than RIP. When OSPF runs over IP, it uses protocol 89, similar to how TCP, which runs on top of IP, uses protocol 6. It uses a reliable mechanism for transportation rather than a transport protocol like TCP.

Difference between OSPF and EIGRP



OSPF stands for open shortest path first

EIGRP stands for enhanced interior gateway protocol

The OSPF necessitates meticulous planning of the area

EIGRP does not, it fact it is ideal for a multivendor environment.

OSPF does not.

EIGRP is the only protocol that supports unequal path load balancing

OSPF is a link-state protocol

EIGRP is a hybrid protocol.

The OSPF has an administrative distance of 110

EIGRP has an internal administrative distance of 90 and an external administrative distance of 170.

OSPF is a Dijkstra link-state protocol

EIGRP is a dual distance vector protocol.

OSPF is an IETF open standard

EIGRP is a Cisco proprietary standard.

OSPF necessitates a high CPU and memory requirement

EIGRP necessitates a lower CPU and memory requirement.

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