What is the difference between Holography and Photography

difference between Holography and Photography
difference between Holography and Photography

What is Holography?

Holography is a technique for creating three-dimensional images by utilizing light interference and diffraction. It makes use of a coherent and monochromatic light source. To regenerate an image, a hologram is required.

What is Photography?

Photography is a technique for producing two-dimensional images of three-dimensional objects. After striking the object, the reflecting light reacts with the chemical coating of the film. To focus the object on the photographic plate, a lens is required.

Difference between Holography and Photography



Holography is used to generate 3-dimensional images

photography is used to generate 2-dimensional images.

Holography is interference and diffraction of light

photography uses the reflection of light by the object to the photographic film.

Holography is a source of light that should be monochromatic and coherent

photography is not a special type of light source that is needed.

Nolen’s are required to generate the Holograph

photography the lens is required to focus on the object and generate the photography.

Holography has a high information capacity

photography has a lower information capacity.

Holography is multiple images that can be superimposed together

photography is multiple images that can’t be superimposed together.

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