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Water Supply and Health

Download Water Supply and Health By H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman – What is more common than expecting that water leaving the tap at home is clear , free of colour and off-flavours and safe to drink . Yet an increasing number of questions were raised during the past decade in relation to drinking water constituents and health . Besides the well-known but still existing problem of lead released from lead pipes used for water distribution , the role of water hardness in the prevention of cardiovascular disease became a matter of serious concern. Raw water sources have become heavily polluted by industrial chemicals. The need to use such contaminated sources and the discovery of a large number of by-products of chemical treatment processes focussed the attention of the scientific community as well as the public on the possible health risks associated with these organic micropollutants of tap water. Other important examples can be added.

The Organizing Committee after consulting the Advisory Committee aimed at a symposium program covering recent progress i n toxicological and epidemiological studies on the health impact of water constituents as well as the consequences for the application of treatment processes and of legislative measures.

“Water Supply and Health By H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman Book Free Download”

Water Supply and Health By H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman
Water Supply and Health By H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Water Supply and Health
Author’s Name H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman
Publishers H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman
File Size  MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

  1. Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria
  2. Viruses and bacteriophages
  3. Studies of water quality and cardiovascular disease in the United Kingdom
  4. Water hardness and mortality in The Netherlands
  5. German studies on health effects of inorganic drinking water constituents
  6. Lead in drinking water and health
  7. Asbestos and drinking water in Canada
  8. The need to control asbestos fibers in potable water supply systems
  9. Health aspects of nitrate in drinking water
  10. The influence of elevated levels of sodium in drinking water
  11. Toxicity assessment of organic compounds in drinking water in The Netherlands
  12. Sensory evaluation of drinking water by consumer panels
  13. Health related studies of organic compounds in relation to re-use in the U.K.
  14. Epidemiological studies on cancer and organic compounds in U.S. drinking waters
  15. Report of the NATO/CCMS Drinking Water Pilot Study on health aspects of drinking water contaminants
  16. Treatment: improvement or deterioration of water quality?
  17. Chlorine, is there a better alternative?
  18. Advantages and disadvantages of chemical oxidation and disinfection by ozone and chlorine dioxide
  19. How to apply surface water storage from a health point of view
  20. WHO international drinking water standards revised
  21. Directive of the European Communities relating to the quality of water for human consumption
  22. Cooperative research on water quality and health parameters in the European Community
  23. Strategies for water supply systems in developing countries
  24. The control of potential health risks related to drinking water in the U.K.
  25. National policy to control hazardous drinking water constituents in The Netherlands
  26. E.P.A. policies to protect the health of the consumers of drinking water in the United States
  27. Fecal indicator bacteria contaminated tap water – an epidemiological survey of rural communities
  28. Investigation of the presence of toxins produced by Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in The Netherlands
  29. Volatile halogenated compounds (VoHal) in drinking waters of the FRG

“Water Supply and Health By H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman PDF File”

“Free Download Water Supply and Health By H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman Book PDF”

“How to Download PDF of Water Supply and Health By H. van Lelyveld, B.C.J. Zoeteman Book Free?”


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