Tank circuit resonance Calculation, Formula, Example


Tank circuit resonance calculator

A condition of resonance will be experienced in a tank circuit when the reactance of the capacitor and inductor are equal to each other. Because inductive reactance increases with increasing frequency and capacitive reactance decreases with increasing frequency, there will only be one frequency where these two reactances will be equal.

In the below circuit, we have a 10 µF capacitor and a 100 mH inductor. Since we know the equations for determining the reactance of each at a given frequency, and we’re looking for that point where the two reactances are equal to each other, we can set the two reactance formula equal to each other and solve for frequency algebraically.


Tank circuit resonance
Tank circuit resonance



Tank circuit resonance Calculation, Formula, Example


fᵣ = Resonant frequency in Hz

L= Inductance in Hendry

C = Capacitance in Farad

π = It having a constant value of 3.141592654

Hendry and Farad are the large units


Let’s calculate resonant frequency by using tank circuit. Let’s consider inductor L as 25 millihenries and capacitance C as 30 microfarads.

Let’s apply formula

Tank circuit resonance Calculation, Formula, Example

 fᵣ = 1/ (2*3.14159254*(25*10־3*30*10־6)


fᵣ = 0.183776298 Kilohertz

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