T-Pad Attenuator Calculation, Formula, Example


T-Pad Attenuator Calculator

The T pad is a specific type of attenuator circuit in electronics whereby the topology of the circuit is formed in the shape of the letter “T”.  It can be used in a transmission line circuit that has either equal or unequal impedances. In RF applications, it is normally desired to use an attenuator to reduce signal levels from one point in the network to the other. This calculator is used to help calculate the value of the resistors R1 and R2 to be used in T-pad attenuator.

T-Pad Attenuator Calculator helps you determine the resistor values (R1 & R2) for a T-pad attenuator (measured in Ohms). Enter values and press the calculate button to to calculate attenuator loss and impedance.


T-Pad circuit


t-pad equations


R1 = T pad attenuator resistor 1

R2 = T pad attenuator resistor 2

Z= Transmission line characteristic impedance

AdB = Desired attenuation in dB


Let’s calculate resistance R1 and R2 by using T pad Attenuator. consider Attenuation (AdB) = 30Impedance(Z) = 35.

Let’s apply formula R1

R1= 25[1030/20-1/1030/20 +1]

R1 = 32.85 Ω

Let’s apply formula R2

R2 = 2*35[1030/20 / 1030/20 -1]

R2 = 2.216 Ω

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