T-Match Impedance Matching Circuits Calculation, Formula, Example


T-Match Impedance Matching Circuits

The T match circuit got its name because the inductor and the capacitor form a T-shape as shown in the schematic diagram. Impedance is an important parameter to characterize electronic circuits, components, and materials used to make components. An impedance vector consists of a real part (resistance, R) and an imaginary part (reactance, X). The main role in any Impedance Matching scheme is to force a load impedance to “look like” the complex conjugate of the source impedance, and maximum power can be transferred to the load.


T-Match Impedance Matching Calculation, Formula, Example

Equation Parameters

  • Reactance X is a measure of the opposition to the current of Capacitance C and Inductance L.

  • Reactance takes two forms: Inductive (XL), and Capacitive (XC).

  • The source resistance (RS), the load resistance (RL)

  • ω is angular frequency.

  • Q is a dimensionless unit and is expressed function of reactance X and resistance R.


1) For Pass DC Current

For Pass DC Current
2) For Block DC Current

For Block DC Current

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