Strange facts about the sense of smell and distinguishing smells with ease

human body.
human body.

human body.

The human body is filled with amazing things that the mind cannot comprehend.

Sometimes I take you today on a simple tour in the world of smell and smell to learn about some amazing facts about that strange world full of scientific secrets.

Strange facts about the sense of smell and distinguishing smells with ease

First, an autism test.

Autism affects one in eighty-eight children around the world, and it is a disease that is difficult to diagnose at first. Until now, there is no test that checks for the disease. Therefore, doctors resort to studying the behavior and behavior of children to verify the disease, and sometimes this method leads to a wrong diagnosis.

The sense of smell in autistic patients.

A study was recently published that focused on the sense of smell in children with autism, where it was found that children with autism do not change their behavior and impression with different smells.

As for the normal children, they show a change in their features and behavior with the change of smells.

The success rate of this study reached eighty-one percent, and soon it will be adopted as an official screening test for autism.

Second, smell and security.

A team of researchers published a strange experiment, the aim of which was to discover the relationship between smell and a sense of security and reassurance, where a group of young mice were exposed to the smell of cat urine during the first days of their birth.

After their growth, mice were more inclined to cats and did not run away from them, as is the case with other mice. This experiment was linked with humanity. Despite the physiological and biological differences between cats, mice and humans,  it was noted that young children are more inclined to their mothers because of the smell that they are accustomed to since their early days. in this life.

 Third, the effect of armpit odor.

In another study showing the effect of smell in attracting the other, 50 husbands contracted for an international experiment. The husbands were exposed to hard work for a certain period, and after completion, their shirts were taken. After two days, the wives were called to discover that they were able to identify the smell of their partners as a final result.

Forty-nine wives were able to discover her husband’s shirt based on a smell, this experiment showed how smell affects human relationships and increases bonding.

 Fourth, the smell of old books.

Ancient books have a special smell and scholars have been able to find a way to date books by analyzing their smell.

The smell of old books is the result of the interaction of five different organic compounds and the analysis of these organic components allows us to identify the age of the book. Of course, there are other, more effective analyzes such as carbon dating of fourteen,  but this method remains the most unusual.

 V. plants.

When insects attack some types of plants, this smell attracts the parasitic wasp to lay its eggs there, protecting the plant, and even when the water tree is infected with one of the insects, it fails to alert the nearby trees to warn them of those insects.

All these discoveries made scientists more attentive to the effect of odors on plants in order to protect them.

 Sixth: halion

It has many benefits and contains large amounts of vitamins and proteins, but it is also known for the smell that it produces in human urine.

Some scientists studied this effect and came out with a surprising result, as none of them discovered the main cause of that smell.

Seventh, mosquitoes for humans.

There are many cases in which one person is bitten by mosquitoes for several times, despite his presence with other people.

The causes are many and different, and most of them are related to the formation of blood, the nature of food, or the infection with malaria. For example, malaria changes the smell of the infected person and makes it more attractive to mosquitoes.

There are currently many scientific teams working to find a radical solution to the problem of attracting mosquitoes to humans by studying the smells that they are attracted to.

Eighth, the smell of white:

We all know the color white, and we all know that it is the merging of all the colors of the spectrum into one another so that no one of them appears, so the color white appears. A team of scientists is currently trying to create the smell of white by mixing more than thirty ingredients, which according to the theory they are based on, will give an odor without smell.

As all the smells of these ingredients will hide each other until the smells disappear completely. The discovery is final and will be named after Lorax. This team aims; To gather the largest number of participants in this process to test this remarkable discovery, based on the difference in the strength of the senses of smell among humans.

Such a discovery would have great merit in devising an effective way to hide unpleasant odors, for example.

Ninth, the smell of anxiety:

The reason for sweating when feeling anxious is still not really known, but there is a strong hypothesis that sweating when feeling anxious is a warning to others of danger. Stress increases.

This unending cycle needs an effective drug against anxiety and stress to control our sense of smell.

Tenth and finally loss of the sense of smell.

It means you are sick. The loss of the sense of smell is a warning of health problems, as some reports showed that most of those who lost their sense of smell permanently, died some few years and as a result of some experiments, they lost the sense of smell temporarily.

It can be a warning of a cold or fever, but losing it permanently is a warning of other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, may God protect you and you.

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