[PDF] SRIRAM’s IAS General Studies Complete Printed Materials Collection Free Download


SRIRAM’s IAS General Studies Complete Printed Materials

SRIRAM’s IAS, the Institution dedicated to Civil Services Examination preparation and specializing in GENERAL STUDIES. SRIRAM’s IAS has made great strides over the years in providing education of the highest quality and in developing tomorrow’s leaders.

Over the last three decades SRIRAM’s IAS has emerged as one of the leading institutes in India with the vision to be the Centre of excellence and the mission to develop innovative and ethical future leaders. The work of bureaucrats is becoming increasingly complex. Today’s environment, characterized by disruptive politics and technology; increasing integration of the world’s economies; and major social changes all over the world , particularly India, is extremely complex. Therefore those who aspire to become tomorrow’s leaders will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes. Teaching for the Civil Services Examination demands renewal on a continuous basis. Information and developments bombard the candidate from all sides.

Making sense from the UPSC (Constitutional body) perspective is a demanding task. Most students and even more so, teachers fall short for this reason. We never did. Nor will our students. The reason is simple: We have long experience in teaching. We are committed and sincere. We do not rest on our past laurels. EVERY CLASS IS A CHALLENGE FOR US. The process of preparation is stretched over approximately 2 years. It begins with mastery over all the subjects that make up General Studies. Every class has a lot to take away for all three steps in the exam process: Preliminary, Mains and the Personality Test (Interview). The focus of course is on Prelims and the Mains.

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“SRIRAM’s IAS General Studies Complete Materials Collection – PDF Free Download”

SRIRAM’s IAS General Studies Complete Materials Collection
SRIRAM’s IAS General Studies Complete Materials Collection

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Title Of The Book General Studies Complete Printed Materials
Author’s Name SRIRAM’s IAS
Publishers SRIRAM’s IAS
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The one question that I am flooded with most often is: Sir, give me a strategy for success. Which optional to opt and when to start the preparation for optional” With my decades of experience as teacher and mentor to the budding Civil Servants, let me clear it up for you. Generally, students take a plunge into the preparation just after university education, where they are not used to go through the rigours of information gathering, sorting, prioritizing, understanding, presentation and improvisation. Therefore, in every class, the faculty discusses the given chapter in a manner that it should appeal to a good , inquisitive, above average, young and determined student. Conceptual clarity, current applications and India-centeredness, where necessary are the elements of such a discussion. Dumbing down never helped anyone. So we always leave room for discussions.

The exception can be a technical student seeking a social science subject or literature. Otherwise, you need to get to know the field of Civil Services Examinationpreparation. It may take a few weeks or months. Therefore, in the NEW SYSTEM, optional preparation has to start after you have dug into General Studies. In simple terms, under all circumstances, well almost all, G.S classes are the kickstarter. Never go by hearsay. Apply your mind, be logical and finalise the optional. It can otherwise play the spoilsport. Once you are at SRIRAM’s, there are no differences between students from the so called prestigious educational institutions and others.

Table Of Content:

  1. Indian, world history & culture
  2. Geography
  3. Indian society and social issues
  4. Indian polity
  5. Constitution & governance
  6.  social justice and comparative constitution
  7. International relations
  8. Indian economy
  9. Ecology and environment
  10. Security and disaster management
  11. Science and technology
  12. Ethics, integrity & aptitude
  13. Current developments

“SRIRAM’s IAS General Studies Complete Printed Materials PDF File”

“Free Download SRIRAM’s IAS General Studies Complete Printed Materials PDF”

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