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Quantum Chemistry

Download Quantum Chemistry By Ira N. Levine Book PDF. This book is intended for first-year graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in quantum chemistry. This text provides students with an in-depth treatment of quantum chemistry, and enables them to understand the basic principles. The limited mathematics background of many chemistry students is taken into account, and reviews of necessary mathematics (such as complex numbers, differential equations, operators, and vectors) are included.

Derivations are presented in full, step-by-step detail so that students at all levels can easily follow and understand. A rich variety of homework problems (both quantitative and conceptual) is given for each chapter.

The following improvements were made to the seventh edition:

  • Thorough updates reflect the latest quantum chemistry research and methods of computational chemistry, including many new literature references.
  • New problems have been added to most chapters, including additional computational problems in Chapters 15 and 16.
  • Explanations have been revised in areas where students had difficulty.
  • Color has been added to figures to increase the visual appeal of the book.
  • The computer programs in the Solutions Manual and the text were changed from BASIC to C++.
  • The text is enlivened by references to modern research in quantum mechanics such as the Ozawa reformulation of the uncertainty principle and the observation of interference effects with very large molecules.

“Quantum Chemistry By Ira N. Levine Book Free Download”

Quantum Chemistry By Ira N. Levine Book Free Download
Quantum Chemistry By Ira N. Levine Book Free Download

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Quantum Chemistry
Author’s Name Ira N. Levine
Publishers Ira N. Levine
File Size 23.82 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

  • The Schrödinger Equation
  • The Particle in a Box
  • Operators
  • The Harmonic Oscillator
  • Angular Momentum
  • The Hydrogen Atom
  • Theorems of Quantum Mechanics
  • The Variation Method
  • Perturbation Theory
  • Electron Spin and the Spin–Statistics Theorem
  • Many-Electron Atoms
  • Molecular Symmetry
  • Electronic Structure of Diatomic Molecules
  • Theorems of Molecular Quantum Mechanics
  • Molecular Electronic Structure
  • Electron-Correlation Methods
  • Semiempirical and Molecular-Mechanics Treatments of Molecules

“Quantum Chemistry By Ira N. Levine PDF File”

“Free Download Quantum Chemistry By Ira N. Levine Book PDF”

“How to Download PDF of Quantum Chemistry By Ira N. Levine Free?”


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