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Prestressed Concrete Design

Download Prestressed Concrete Design By M.K.Hurst – The purpose of this book is to explain the fundamental principles of design for prestressed concrete structures, and it is intended for both students and practising engineers.  Although the emphasis is on design—the problem of providing a structure to fulfil a particular purpose—this can only be achieved if the designer has a sound understanding of the behaviour of prestressed concrete structures. This behaviour is described in some detail, with references to specialist literature for further information where necessary.

Guidance on the design of structures must inevitably be related to a code of practice and the one followed here is Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures, Part 1 General rules and rules for buildings, DD ENV 1992–1–1:1992 (referred to below as EC2) which will supersede British Standard BS 8110:1985 Structural Use of Concrete covering the design of the buildings.

“Prestressed Concrete Design By M.K.Hurst – PDF Free Download”

Prestressed Concrete Design By M.K.Hurst

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Prestressed Concrete Design
Author’s Name M.K.Hurst
Publishers M.K.Hurst
File Size 5.5 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

  1. Basic principles
  2. Properties of materials
  3. Limit state design
  4. Loss of prestress force
  5. Analysis of sections
  6. Deflections
  7. Shear
  8. Prestressing systems and anchorages
  9. Design of members
  10. Composite construction
  11. Indeterminate structures
  12. Prestressed flat slabs
  13. Design examples

“Prestressed Concrete Design By M.K.Hurst PDF File”

“Free Download Prestressed Concrete Design By M.K.Hurst PDF”

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