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Strength of Materials

Download Strength of Materials By R. Subramanian – This new revised edition of Strength of Materials is a textbook for all undergraduate and diploma courses in civil as well as mechanical engineering disciplines. It is an invaluable resource for professionals and practitioners alike as it offers crisp and precise explanation of concepts underlying the analysis and design of structures. UPSC aspirants can refer this book for good theoretical understanding as well as for solved problems from previous UPSC examinations. With two newly introduced chapters on curved bars and beams and stresses due to rotation, the book not only provides a wider coverage of the subject but it also delves deeper into the chapters through its additional application-oriented solved examples. The improved illustrations depicting all the 2D and 3D structures and their sections provide a better visual readability to the book. This edition is a rich and comprehensive resource for one and all.

Beginning with an introduction to the basic concepts of stresses in simple and composite elements, strains, and deformation of solids, the book moves through discussions on loads and stresses on the beam, which is a common structural element, torsion, and beam deflection. It then discusses columns and analysis of stresses in two dimensions. the boko also deals with strain energy concepts and their applications.

The book provides an exhaustive coverage of important topics such as temperature stresses. elastic constants, bending moments, shear forces, theory of simple bending, analysis and design of shafts, stepped, indeterminate and compound shafts, close- and open-coiled helical springs, Euler equations and Rankine formula for columns, and Mohr’s circle.

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TO reinforce the theoretical concepts, the text is supplemented by a large number of worked-out examples with step-by-step solution procedures as well as a large number of review questions and exercise problems. The text is also well supported by a large number of detailed illustrations.

Strength of Materials By R. Subramanian – PDF Free Download

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Surveying – Problem Solving With Theory and Objective Type Questions
Author’s Name DR.A.M. Chandra
Publishers DR.A.M. Chandra
File Size 6 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

Chapter 1. Basic Concepts

Chapter 2. Simple Stresses and Strains

Chapter 3. Bending Moments and Shear Forces

Chapter 4. Stresses in Beams

Chapter 5. Combined Direct and Bending Stresses

Chapter 6. Deformations in Beams

Chapter 7. Torsion

Chapter 8. Analysis of Principal Planes, Stresses, and Strains

Chapter 9. Strain Energy

Chapter 10. Columns

Chapter 11. Special Topics

Chapter 12. Pin-jointed Plane Frames

Chapter 13. Bending of Curved Bars and Beams

Chapter 14. Stresses Due to Rotation

Chapter 15. Introduction to Indeterminate Structural Analysis

Chapter 16. Fixed and Continuous Beams

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