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Percentage Profit And Loss

This is aptitude questions and answers section on Percentage Profit and Loss with the explanation for various interview, competitive examinations, and entrance tests. Profit and Loss is a part of the Quantitative Aptitude section. Candidates are you seeking to practice the multiple choice questions based on this Percentage Profit and Loss topic often make an appearance in the exams.

Aspirants are you preparing for SSC, Railways Exams, and other Competitive exams, then likely need to solve a section on Profit and Loss Aptitude Questions. Percentage Profit and Loss Online test will give you a better idea about the Quants. So intenders practice more and more Profit and Loss MCQ Quiz to crack the entrance exams or any other competitive exams in a straightforward manner.

Percentage Profit and Loss Quiz Details

Online Test Name Percentage Profit and Loss
Exam Type Chapters & Multiple Choice Questions
Category Aptitude Quiz
Number of Questions 30

Percentage Profit and Loss Aptitude Questions

Candidates who are having the curiosity to know the Percentage Profit and Loss Quiz Topics they must read this article. And also in the following section people can find the formulae of Profit and Loss. There are a lot more benefits by practicing the Percentage Profit and Loss Quiz. So people don’t waste time and move further.

Percentage Profit and Loss Formulae

1. Gain = (S.P.) – (C.P.)
2. Loss = (C.P.) – (S.P.)
3. Loss or gain is always reckoned on C.P.
4. Gain Percentage = Gain x 100/C.P
5. Loss Percentage = Loss x 100/C.P
6. Selling Price = (100 + Gain %)x C.P/100
7. Selling Price = (100 – Loss %)x C.P/100
8. Cost Price = 100x S.P/(100 + Gain %)
9. Cost Price = 100x S.P/(100 – Loss %)

Percentage Profit and Loss MCQ Quiz Answers

Aspirants can check Percentage Profit and Loss Online Test Answers from this post itself. After submitting your answer for each question, then click on the View Answer tab, automatically it generates the answer with the explanation on the screen. So, people no need to go anywhere to check your Percentage Profit and Loss MCQ Quiz Answers. And one more thing no one can wait for the end of the test to check their performance levels.



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