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Engineering Surveying

Download Engineering Surveying By W. Schofield (6th edition) – This is the sixth edition of Wilf Schofield’s book which he invited me to share with him. A few weeks after we started work, Wilf was diagnosed with cancer. In spite of this he worked tirelessly on the project but, sadly, was overcome before this edition came to press. Wilf brought to this, and previous editions, a wealth of experience as a mine surveyor and as an academic. He was, at heart, a teacher with a passion for his subject and this comes over in the clarity of his writing. He will be remembered by colleagues and former pupils not only for his technical ability but also for his incisive wit, his storytelling and his distinctive and commanding appearance.

See What’s New in this Edition:

  • Surveying instrumentation, particularly Robotic Total Stations with Automatic Target Recognition, reflectorless distance measurement, etc., resulting in turnkey packages for machine guidance and deformation monitoring. In addition there has been the development of a new instrument and technique known as laser scanning
  • GIS, making it a very prominent and important part of geomatic engineering
  • satellite positioning, with major improvements to the GPS system, the continuance of the GLONASS system, and a proposal for a European system called GALILEO
  • national and international co-ordinate systems and datums as a result of the increasing use of satellite systems.
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All these changes have been dealt with in detail, the importance of satellite systems being evidenced by a new chapter devoted entirely to this topic. In order to include all this new material and still retain a economical size for the book, it was necessary but regrettable to delete the chapter on Least Squares Estimation. This decision was based on a survey by the publishers that showed this important topic was not included in the majority of engineering courses. It can, however, still be referred to in the fourth edition or in specialised texts, if required. All the above new material has been fully expounded in the text, while still retaining the many worked examples which have always been a feature of the book. It is hoped that this new edition will still be of benefit to all students and practitioners of those branches of engineering which contain a study and application of engineering surveying.

Engineering Surveying By W. Schofield (6th edition) – PDF Free Download

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Engineering Surveying
Author’s Name W. Schofield
Publishers W. Schofield
File Size 13 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

1.Basic concepts of surveying

2 Error and uncertainty

3 Vertical control

4 Distance measurement

5 Angle measurement

6 Conventional control surveys

7 Rigorous methods of control

8 Position

9 Satellite positioning

10 Curves

11 Earthworks

12 Setting out (dimensional control)

13 Underground surveying

14 Mass data methods

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