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Concrete Technology

Download Concrete Technology By Adam M Neville And J J Brooks – This book is aimed principally at university, college and polytechnic students who wish to understand concrete for the purpose of using it in professional practice. Because the book is written in english and beacuse it uses both SI and the so-called old Imperical units of measurement, the books is of interest and value in many countries, probably world-wide. Concrete Technology is an all-inclusive book designed for students from British and American universities. To make a successful concrete structure, one needs to have in-depth knowledge of concrete and how it behaves under temperature, load, and humidity changes.

Moreover, it is crucial to learn the basics of concrete technology and know the behavior of concrete when it is exposed to various industrial and environmental conditions. J. J. Brooks and A. M. Neville’s Concrete Technology is designed to provide a complete understanding of several aspects of concrete design and technology, right from its basic principles. The numerous topics covered in this book are concrete ingredients, properties and behavior of concrete in finished structures, concrete as a structural material, admixtures, temperature problems in concreting, strength of concrete, elasticity and creep, strength properties, testing, compliance with specifications, special concretes, permeability and durability, resistance to freezing and thawing, and relevant American and British standards.

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One of the salient features of Concrete Technology is that it is a precise book consisting of limited material required by the students. It provides the condensed version of the well known properties of concrete. The authors have included many examples and problems to highlight the vital aspects of each chapter. This is a brilliant reference book for students of Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering at diploma as well as the degree level. This is also a relevant book for practicing engineers in the field. The increasing cases of failure of concrete structures in recent years clearly indicate that the professional engineer is lacking the required knowledge about concrete. It is important for an engineer to know the correct ingredients for concrete mixing to ensure the suitable mix. And, Concrete Technology is a complete book that provides that required data for working engineers.

Concrete Technology By Adam M Neville And J J Brooks – PDF Free Download

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Concrete Technology
Author’s Name Adam M Neville And J J Brooks
Publishers Adam M Neville And J J Brooks
File Size 13 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

  1. Concrete as a Structural Material
  2. Cement
  3. Normal Aggregate
  4. Quality of Water
  5. Fresh Concrete
  6. Strength of Concrete
  7. Mixing, Handling, Placing and Compacting Concrete
  8. Admixtures
  9. Temperature Problems in Concreting
  10. Development of Strength
  11. Other Strength Properties
  12. Elasticity and Creep
  13. Deformation and Cracking Independent of Load
  14. Permeability and Durability
  15. Resistance to Freezing and Thawing
  16. Testing
  17. Compliance with Specifications
  18. Lightweight Concrete
  19. Mix Design
  20. Special Concretes
  21. An Overview
  22. Relevant American and British Standards

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