Nouns: Definition & Types with Examples


What Is a Noun?

noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea.

Examples of Nouns:

  • People – Rahul, Sheela, Man, Person, Tommy, Women, Girl, The Prime Minister
  • Places – Bangalore, India, Mexico, North Pole, South Africa, The Nile River, Classroom, Bedroom, Basketball Court, Cricket Ground, Swimming Pool
  • Animals/Birds/Aquatic Animals/Reptiles – Lion, Zebra, Snake, Ostrich, Flamingo, Bear, Cat, Fish, Shark
  • Ideas – Evolution, Invention, Extinction, Argument, Destruction
  • Objects/Things – Bat, Cycle, Curtains, Paper, Bag, Blackboard, Cupboard
Nouns Definition & Types with Examples
Nouns Definition & Types with Examples

Types of Nouns:

  1. Proper Nouns
  2. Common Nouns

What is a Proper Nouns?

Nouns can name specific people, places. These are called proper nouns.

Examples of Proper Nouns:

  • My name is Rose. (Name of a particular person)
  • This is my dog, Bruno. (Name of a specific pet animal owned by someone)
  • David came back from Minsk. (Name of a specific place)
  • Louis Philippe is a famous brand of men’s clothing. (Name of a particular clothing brand)

What is a Common Nouns?

Nouns can also name general people, places or things. These are called common nouns.

Examples of Common Nouns:

  • I bought a pen yesterday. (Common object)
  • I am going to school. (Common place)
  • Only ten employees showed up to work today. (Common group)
  • The car is out of fuel. (Common items)

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