Nouns – Definition and it’s Types


What is Noun:

Nouns are commonly de¢ned as words that refer to a person, place, thing, or idea.

  • Ram is a noun that is a person.
  • Rajasthan is a noun that is a place.
  • Elephant is a noun that is an animal.
  • Book is a noun that is a thing.

Types of Nouns:

Every type of noun comes with its own rules, so be sure to read more in our pages about specific types of nouns.

Nouns – Definition and it’s Types
Nouns – Definition and it’s Types

Concrete and abstract noun:

Here’s a sentence:


We don’t generally think of the noun marriage as something that can be smelled. Some nouns are concrete: they can be perceived by our senses – they are things that we can see, hear, smell and taste. Those nouns that are not concrete are abstract. Marriage is something abstract, so it’s odd to sayin’ being perceived by one of our senses, our sense of smell.

Concrete nouns refer to things we can perceive with one of our senses. Abstract nouns cannot be perceived by our senses.

All the things that can be recognised with our senses are Concrete Nouns, i.e. name, place and animal. And things, mainly feeling, that you cannot feel with your senses are Abstract nouns.

Concrete Abstract
newspaper love
heel honesty
glass culture
jewelry mind
Ram complaint

Singular and plural noun:

What’s the di¡erence between cat and cats? The noun cat is used when it refers to only one cat; its form is singular. The noun cats is used when it represents more than one cat; its form is plural.Thus, the singular and plural forms tell us about number.

Singular Plural
box boxes
bed beds
kite kites
day days

Countable and uncountable noun:

The things that can be counted are Countable Noun. Like cat, dog and lion. While Uncountable noun not give idea about quantity. Like sleep, coffee and truth.

The countable noun has it’s singular and plural form. For example cat/cats and dog/dogs.

Sometimes sentences make the confusion that whether the noun is countable or not. To recognize it, just go with the noun. It may countable as per the sentence.
For example:


In above sentence, coffee is referred as a countable noun. While coffee itself is a uncountable noun, as it not describes the quantity.

Proper and common noun:

A noun that a actual name is called proper noun; noun that is not a name is called common noun.

For example Albert, a name of a boy, proper nouns. Girl is a common noun.

You can easily recognize the proper noun. As names begin with a capital letter, so proper noun also begin with capital letter.

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