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Hii “Electrical Engineers”, lets check that how much you know about the transformers. We are having MCQ which are based on Transformers having one correct option. So let’s start. If you are having any doubt regarding the questions or you are not reaching the answer, then feel free to comment

Answers to the questions are given at the last.

Q.1  Which of the following losses are not present in the transformer ?

a. Copper loss                                b. Stray loss
c. Core loss                                    d. None of the above.

Q.2 What is the condition for the maximum efficiency of a transformer for a given power ?

a. Core loss should be zero.

b. Copper loss should be zero.

c. Total losses of transformer should be zero.

d. Copper loss of transformer should be equal to the core loss in transformer.

Q.3 Transformer core is laminated in order to reduce ?

a. Eddy current loss                          b. Heat loss

c. Core loss                                      d. All of the above

Q.4 Transformer has zero voltage regulation at

a. Unity power factor                         b. Leading power factor

c. Lagging power factor                      d. Depends upon nature of load

Q.5 The copper loss at half load is 300 W. What will be the copper loss at full load ?

a. 1200 W       b. 300 W          c. 900 W            d. 600 W

Q.6 The desirable properties of transformer core are

a. low permeability and low hysteresis loss

b. high permeability and high hysteresis loss

c. high permeability and low hysteresis loss

d. low permeability and high hysteresis loss

Q.7 Originally the color of silica gel is ______ and after absorbing the moisture it turns _______

a. Yellow , Blue                                     b. Pink , Blue

c. Blue , Yellow                                     d. Blue , Pink

Q.8 A transformer has hysteresis of 30 W at 240 V , 60 Hz. Find the hysteresis loss at 200 V -50 Hz ?

a. 20 W             b. 25 W            c. 30 W               d. 35 W

Q.9 The value of Steinmetz constant lies between

a. 1.5 – 2.5                                            b. 1.0-2.0

c. 0.5 – 1.5                                            d.  0 – 1.5

Q.10 The saving in conductor material if auto-transformer is used in place of ordinary two winding transformer(where W =weight of copper in ordinary transformer) is

a. W/K               b. W/(K-1)            c. W/(1-K)           d. K*W

(Take K= Secondary Voltage/Primary Voltage)


Q.1 B       Q.2 D      Q.3 A    Q.4 B     Q.5 A     Q.6 C     Q.7 D     Q.8 B

Q.9 A       Q.10 D

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