Important information about human hair


 human hair

If you have thick hair, you know that maintaining it takes a lot of time, you may think about a lot of areas on your body or how much you want the hair to stay in it.

If you want to keep it, how will you trim it, dye it, and make it look beautiful?

Important information about hair.

But in fact, there is a lot of information about hair besides the recent trends of it and dyes.

Hair has an enchanting beauty, and it has benefits for things you can’t even imagine. It is also in areas and in a way that may make you astonish anyway there is a lot about hair that will amaze you, and now enjoy these amazing facts about hair, which you may not have heard before.

 * First, poetry is nature-loving:

Hair can absorb oil from water, as it acts like a sponge, and they put this feature to good use. They used hair to clean oil stains, and here we are wondering how many heads of hair they needed for this job.

Secondly, ear cleaner:

We all know about unwanted hair growth areas but not many of us should create about ear hair especially at our young age, yet ear hair is a dangerous thing and may grow longer than you think, and ear hair has reached about twenty-two centimeters for a particular man.

 * Third Astgn for pets:

The next time you blame your pet for the hair he leaves on the couch, wait a moment and look in the mirror.

In fact, a person loses forty hair follicles per day.

Fourth, it is actually dead hair.

Your hair is dead, so if you meditate, you will know that the hair is the only place that the scissors touch without pain, in addition to the nails, of course, and the only part of the hair.

Fifthly, with regard to those with red hair:

You may already know that red hair is the rarest type of hair in color, as it represents one percent of the peoples of the entire world.

But did you know that the people of  Scotland  alone represent thirteen percent of it, and the percentage is not uncommon there then.

Sixth: You are more flexible than you know.

Your hairdresser may yell if you do this, but your hair is so much looser than your entire body that it can stretch thirty percent longer than its original length if it’s wet.

Seventh shaving  :

Women may spend two hours a week shampooing and drying their hair, but a man spends an average of five months of his entire life shaving.

Eighth, it is golden.

No, I’m not talking about hair color whether you’re blonde or not.

Your hair has remnants of gold, plus thirteen other elements, it’s impossible to have bad hair any day after what I said, right?

* Ninth Poetry Everywhere:

Your scalp has the equivalent of 100,000 hair follicles, a number that becomes small if we compare it with the hair that grows on your entire body. Your body contains five million hair follicles, and the only place where hair does not grow is the mucous membranes, the soles of the feet and the lips. Enough hands.

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