High Voltage Engineering MCQs Multiple Choice Questions Part 6

High Voltage Engineering MCQs
High Voltage Engineering MCQs

High Voltage Engineering MCQs

  1. Large power transformers are best protected by:
    1. Station type lightning arrestors
    2. Distribution type lightning arrestors
    3. Line type lightning arrestors
    4. None of these

Ans: 1

2. A capacitance-resistance circuit is used to measure the ripple voltages in d.c system. During this process the important condition which should be met is:

    1. ω CR >> 1
    2. ω CR << 1
    3. ω CR = 1
    4. ω CR = 0

Ans: 1

3. Circuit breaker dielectric tests include:

    1. 1-minute dry withstand test
    2. 1-minute wet withstand test
    3. Impulse voltage dry withstand test
    4. All of these
    5. None of these

Ans: 4

4. The intrinsic breakdown in solids is of the order of __________ sec:

    1. 10-4 s
    2. 10-8 s
    3. 10-16 s
    4. 10-20 s

5. Large size sphere gaps are installed in:

    1. Horizontal configuration
    2. Vertical configuration
    3. Any of these
    4. None of these

Ans: 2

6. Recurrent surge generator provides the impulse voltage which has __________ magnitude and to whom the equipment should respond in a ___________ mode:

    1. Smaller, Nonlinear
    2. Smaller, Linear
    3. Larger, Nonlinear
    4. Smaller, Nonlinear

Ans: 2

7. The criterion for determining the number of stages for maximum output voltage in Cockroft – Walton is:

    1. Frequency of input
    2. Capacitance of each stage
    3.  Required kVA
    4. None of these

Ans: 4

8. ______________ is a type of surge diverter:

    1. Rod gap
    2. Valve type of lightning arrester
    3. Protector tube
    4. All above
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Ans: 4

9. During their manufacturing process, the High voltage power cables are subject to bending test. The statement which correctly explains this test is:

    1. The cable is bent and piston is allowed to fall on it at a comparatively lower power
    2. Firstly voltage test is performed then entire cable is bent in zig-zag position and voltage regulation is checked during process
    3. Cable is bent around cylinder to make one turn is unwound, rewound thrice following a voltage test in start and end
    4. None of these

Ans: 3


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