Hidden facts about Apple company

Hidden facts about Apple company
Hidden facts about Apple company

Apple company.

Apple is one of the largest and most successful global companies, its products have achieved very great fame around the world until it has become a brand that many trust. Now the company earns about seventy-two thousand dollars per minute.

But this does not prevent the existence of secrets that we still do not know behind the success of this company, so here are five facts and secrets that you may not know about Apple.

Hidden facts about Apple company

The truth about Apple’s treatment of its workers:

Many rumors spread about the company’s mistreatment of its workers until the year 2000 came and a group of fourteen workers committed mass suicide inside one of the company’s headquarters in China. Few of them responded to the media, and stated that what happened was probably due to work pressure, and the company’s lack of interest. With its workers, as much as they are interested in increasing production, some workers have stated that their salaries are almost weak compared to what they do.

In addition to being forced sometimes to work overtime without any increase in their salaries, the workers added that they could not leave their job with the company simply because this would affect their reputation when applying for a job with another company.


Fourth: the secret balcony.

Apple has its own secret balcony. This police works to establish around the company’s suspicious employees, and if they are sure that there is something behind these people, they send their information to the executive management of the company, which issues orders on how to punish this person if it is proven that he is guilty.

There is a case that came to light when a young man went to the San Francisco police and reported the kidnapping of his brother. He told the police that he had been threatened if anyone learned of any information about a new phone they were about to release.

The young man swore that he did not say anything, but the police got the case after the company and the young man were reconciled.

Third, what about the company’s logo?

There has been a lot of rumors in the past years about what Mr. Jobs wanted from this slogan, so what does the apple mean and why is it presented?

Some have said that it may refer to the Adam’s apple and the first sin of mankind. While Rob Janoff, the logo designer, said in an interview that Steve Jobs was the first to design the logo manually.

Jobs had derived the idea of ​​the apple from Isaac Newton and added it to gravity. Robb added that the apple was served so that people would understand that it was an apple.

Karza also explained the reason for the rainbow colors, which he added, that they wanted to communicate the multiplicity of colors available in the company’s electronic devices, and some still believe that the company aims to sell its products regardless of the consequences.

The fact that the company is corrupt.

Secondly, in the year two thousand and thirteenth, several reports appeared about the company’s corruption and tax evasion for four full years.

 First and foremost, Steve Jobs.

Which many consider his era and a source of inspiration for them also has a mysterious side to his personality.

Many people do not know her. For example, many of the company’s employees blamed him for saying that he was a miserly person and did not pay their salaries on time, and that in his last years, he did not provide insurance to his employees as other companies do.

He said that his fortune recovered seven billion dollars upon his death. May God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you. Did you know, my brother and sister, that we have a lot of information? As this year is the year of implementation, let us decrease everything we have learned so that it is reflected in our real life.

There is a saying that says a little knowledge while acting on it is better than a lot of knowledge without acting on it, and there is also a saying that says good worship is better than good worship.

Some important questions.

Did you know that you offer to get rid of negative thoughts by taking a deep breath for a few seconds?

Did you know that when you are sleeping, you will be all standing with us in your heart.

Did you know that the ears and nose are the unicorns that grow throughout your life in the human body.

Did you know that the chameleon can rotate in each eye of the chameleon in all directions and independently of the other, the chameleon has a sticky tongue nearly as long as its body, which quickly shoots out.

Its mouth to catch its prey changes the color of the shoes quickly according to the color of the surrounding environment, due to the presence of pigments under its transparent skin. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

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