[PDF] General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain Book Free Download

General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain
General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain

General English Grammar

Download General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain – With an eye on the growing demands of the aspiring youth particularly those with Hindi medium who were forced to pick and read English books in absence of quality books in Hindi, we took decision and with Upkar Prakashan we entered the world of publishing with a set of General Knowledge books to begin with. From the day one, quality, content reliability and reasonable pricing had been on top of our minds, which helped us find instant acceptance in market and even today we are driven by these values. From few books to more than 2000 titles (both in Hindi and English), we cater to the ever-growing needs of the youth with best of the editorial content, paper and print production facilities available.

“General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain – Book PDF Free Download”

General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain
General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain

Book Details:

Title Of The Book General English Grammar
Author’s Name Ramphal Nain
Publishers Ramphal Nain
File Size – MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

Chapter 1. Basic Concept
Chapter 2. Pronunciation
Chapter 3. The Sentence
Chapter 4. Subject and Predicate
Chapter 5. The Phrase and the Clause
Chapter 6. Parts of Speech
Chapter 7. The Tense
Chapter 7.1. Present Indefinite Tense
Chapter 7.2. Present Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.3. Present Perfect Tense
Chapter 7.4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.5. Past Indefinite Tense
Chapter 7.6. Past Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.7. Past Perfect Tense
Chapter 7.8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.9. Future Indefinite Tense
Chapter 7.10. Future Continuous Tense
Chapter 7.11. Future Perfect Tense
Chapter 7.12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Chapter 8. The Sequences of Tenses
Chapter 9. Articles
Chapter 10. Adjectives
Chapter 11. Adverbs
Chapter 12. Verbs
Chapter 13. Modals
Chapter 14. Phrasal Verbs
Chapter 15. Non-Finites
Chapter 16. The Participle
Chapter 17. The Gerund
Chapter 18. Question Tags
Chapter 19. Syntax : Subject-Verb Agreement
Chapter 20. Interjections
Chapter 21. The Noun
Chapter 22. The Pronoun
Chapter 23. Prepositions
Chapter 24. Conjunctions
Chapter 25. Determiners
Chapter 26. Direct and Indirect Speech
Chapter 27. Active and Passive Voices
Chapter 28. Punctuation and Capital Letters
Chapter 29. Words Which Commonly Confuse
Chapter 30. Synonyms and Antonyms
Chapter 31. More About Clauses
Chapter 32. Synthesis of Sentences
Chapter 33. Transformation of Sentences
Chapter 34. Use of Verb ‘Is, Am, Are, Was, Were, Has, Have,
Had, Do, Does, Did’
Chapter 35. Use of It and There
Chapter 36. Daily Use Sentences
Chapter 37. Proverbs

Key to Excercises

“General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain PDF File”

“Free Download General English Grammar By Ramphal Nain PDF”

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