Examples of The Possessive Case/Genitive Case


Definition of The Possessive Case/Genitive Case:

The case which is used to show possession is called the possessive case or genitive case. In case of nouns, an apostrophe is used to show it.

Examples of The Possessive CaseGenitive Case
Examples of The Possessive CaseGenitive Case

Examples of The Possessive Case/Genitive Case:

  • This is Adam’s car.
  • This is his car.
  • Anna’s name is written here.
  • Her name is written here.
  • Is this your book?
  • What is your name?
  • This is Aric’s house.
  • This is his house.
  • The cat’s tail was fluffy and soft.
  • My brother’s car is faster than mine.

  • The children’s toys were scattered all over the floor.
  • The boss’s office is on the top floor of the building.
  • The dog’s bark was loud and aggressive.
  • John’s new house is located in a quiet neighborhood.
  • The teacher’s lesson plan was well-organized and engaging.
  • The baby’s cries could be heard throughout the house.
  • The book’s cover was torn and tattered from years of use.
  • The athlete’s performance was impressive and inspiring.
  • My parents’ house is located in the countryside.
  • The company’s profits have been steadily increasing.
  • The bird’s feathers were brilliantly colored and patterned.
  • The doctor’s diagnosis was accurate and helpful.

  • The singer’s voice was powerful and soulful.
  • This assignment is Tom’s.
  • This is his assignment.
  • Is Pam your sister?
  • This is Allen’s writing.
  • This is his writing.
  • This is Mary’s cat.
  • This is her cat.
  • This necklace is mine.
  • We are at Jeff’s home now.
  • We are at his home now.
  • Bob will live today at his aunt’s place.
  • We are coming to your home.

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