Examples of The Objective Case


Definition of The Objective Case

The noun or pronoun which is either the direct or indirect object of a verb or the object of a preposition is called the objective or accusative or dative case.

Examples of The Objective Case
Examples of The Objective Case

Examples of The Objective Case

  • I have met Alice.
  • I have met her.
  • The doctor is taking care of Suzan.
  • The doctor is taking care of her.
  • The teacher is teaching Sam.
  • The teacher is teaching him.
  • Jim is writing a letter.
  • They are coming to meet me.
  • I am preparing a design.
  • John gave me the book.

  • Can you help her with her homework?
  • He invited them to the party.
  • Please send us the invoice by email.
  • She saw him at the store yesterday.
  • They hired me as a consultant.
  • I bought her a new phone.
  • He asked me to pass the salt.
  • We will meet them at the restaurant.
  • She sent him a thank-you note.
  • They offered us the job.
  • I visited him in the hospital.
  • He taught them how to swim.

  • She told me her secret.
  • They elected him as their leader.
  • Jack is doing the assignment.
  • Jenn is preparing the meal.
  • We are going to the varsity.
  • Robin is reading a novel.
  • The poet is writing a poem.
  • The lyricist is writing a song.
  • The singer is singing a song.
  • We are traveling to the hills.
  • The photographer is taking pictures.
  • The auditor is auditing the files.
  • I will take care of this issue.

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