Examples of Relative Pronoun


Definition of Relative Pronouns:

relative pronoun works as a connector between two clauses. It introduces a relative clause. Relative pronouns are that, which, who, whom, whose.

Examples of Relative Pronoun
Examples of Relative Pronoun

Example of Relative Pronouns: 

  • Robert is a king who rules the seven kingdoms.
  • The seven kingdoms which are ruled by different houses answers to him.
  • Robert only trusts Ned who is a friend of him.
  • Ned is the governor of the kingdom which is vast.
  • The book, which was written by a famous author, is very popular.
  • She is the woman whom I admire the most.
  • The cat that is sitting on the window sill is mine.
  • The person who called you is my friend.
  • The car that broke down on the side of the road is my dad’s.
  • The city where I was born is famous for its beaches.
  • The movie, whose plot was intriguing, was a hit.
  • The teacher who taught me math is retired now.
  • The food which I cooked tastes delicious.
  • The dress that she wore was stunning.
  • The boy whose bicycle was stolen was crying.

  • The company whose products are innovative is doing well.
  • The song that I heard on the radio was amazing.
  • The person to whom you were speaking is my boss.
  • The hotel in which we stayed was very comfortable.
  • They have a slogan that is “winter is coming”.
  • Don’t make comments that are not appropriate in this situation.
  • I don’t know whose car is this.
  • I know whom you are dating.
  • I heard stories that were not good at all.
  • Give me the book which is on the table.
  • The person whom you met yesterday is a doctor.
  • I bought a cricket bat which belonged to Bradman.
  • The questions that have been asked cannot be answered.
  • I don’t know whose bat it was.
  • We made a deal which is satisfactory.

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