Examples of Proper Noun


Definition of Proper Noun:

A proper noun is a name of someone/something which denotes a particular person/thing. It always begins with a capital letter.

Examples of Proper Noun
Examples of Proper Noun

Example of Proper Noun:

  • Alex is a wonderful player.
  • Agatha Christie wrote many books.
  • Cleopatra is the cutest kitten ever.
  • I’m craving Oreos.
  • Let’s go to San Francisco.
  • Mr. Bell seems to understand what students need.
  • I can see Jupiter tonight.
  • He never goes anywhere without Sarah.
  • There are many important documents at The Library of Congress.
  • He plays for Sydney Sixers.
  • He was born in England.

  • He moved to Australia when he was young.
  • He lives in Sydney.
  • He plays for Kolkata in IPL.
  • He plays for Dhaka in BPL.
  • Michael Clarke is his mentor.
  • He has a house across the Georges River.
  • He goes for a walk by the river every Monday.
  • His friend Max accompanies him.
  • Max was born in South Africa.
  • He is a fan of Hugh Jackman and the movie Wolverine.
  • He has a dog named Poppy.

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