Examples of Possessive Pronouns


Definition of Possessive Pronoun:

A possessive pronoun replaces a possessive adjective. The possessive adjectives are my, your, his, her, their, our, and its. The possessive pronouns are mine, his, hers, yours, hers, theirs, ours, and its.

Example Possessive Pronouns
Example Possessive Pronouns

Example Possessive Pronouns:

  • The green balls are mine.
  • The yellow balls are yours.
  • The orange balls are hers.
  • The while balls are his.
  • The red bat is theirs.
  • The blue bat is ours.
  • Is this your book? That one is mine.
  • That car is mine.
  • Their dog is barking loudly.
  • Your keys are on the kitchen counter.
  • Her books are scattered all over the room.
  • His phone is always ringing.
  • Our team will win the game.
  • Its fur is so soft and fluffy.
  • Yours is the last remaining slice of pizza.

  • Theirs is the blue house on the corner.
  • His is the one with the red tie.
  • My little brother loves to play with toys.
  • Their parents are very proud of them.
  • Her hair is styled beautifully.
  • Our trip to the beach was a lot of fun.
  • Its tail wags whenever it sees us.
  • Here is my book. Where’s yours?
  • I left my bag here and he left his.
  • We got our fruits. What about theirs?
  • They got their meals. What about ours?
  • Can I borrow your pen? I lost mine.
  • Why are you using my phone? Where is yours?
  • I can’t find my bag. Can I take hers?

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