Examples of Possessive Adjective


Definition of Possessive Adjective:

A word that indicates the possession of the noun to a person/a few people. The possessive adjectives are my, our, your, his, their, her, and its.

Examples of Possessive Adjective
Examples of Possessive Adjective

Examples of Possessive Adjective:

  • My computer is not working as fast as it worked in the beginning.
  • Our father told us not to quarrel with anyone.
  • Your cycle has been stolen yesterday.
  • Your child is not doing well in the school.
  • We are concerned about his performance.
  • The students of class seven submitted their assignment.
  • I could not understand her intentions.
  • This is my book.
  • Their house is big.
  • Her dress is beautiful.
  • His car is new.
  • Our teacher is strict.
  • Your cat is cute.
  • Its tail is long.
  • Whose pen is this?
  • My father’s job is important.

  • Her mother’s cooking is amazing.
  • His brother’s music is popular.
  • Our team’s success is due to hard work.
  • Their company’s products are innovative.
  • Your dog’s bark is loud.
  • The cat’s eyes are green.
  • Her thoughts are too complex.
  • My mind stops working when I think about that.
  • Stop messing with my hair.
  • I cannot believe that you broke my glasses.
  • I don’t want to see his shadow again.
  • She made her life miserable by pessimism.
  • Their favorite teacher did not come yesterday.
  • Will you mind opening my drawer and look into it?
  • I walked for 4 hours and now I cannot feel my legs.
  • She could not identify his motives.

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