Examples of Object Pronoun


Definition of Object Pronoun:

A pronoun which works as the object of the sentence is called an object pronoun. This form of pronouns come after a preposition also.

Examples of Object Pronoun
Examples of Object Pronoun

Examples of Object Pronoun:

  • Robert had a close friend Ned.
  • Robert trusted him with his life.
  • But he did not trust the people around him.
  • He made him the most powerful man in the seven kingdoms.
  • People loved him so much.
  • He also loved them and cared about them.
  • It made him very popular.
  • The queen could not stand it.
  • She began to despise him.
  • I gave her the book.
  • They saw us at the park.
  • He showed them the picture.
  • She gave it to me.
  • He brought it for us.
  • She gave them the keys.

  • We gave her the flowers.
  • They gave it to him.
  • He gave me the money.
  • She took it from him.
  • They showed us the way.
  • He lost it in the park.
  • She gave me the pen.
  • We gave them the cake.
  • He took her to the airport.
  • She was jealous of him.
  • But he always respected her and treated her with honor.
  • The king and Ned could not understand her.
  • She started plotting against them.
  • It reminds us that being naïve is not good always.
  • It also teaches us about human nature.

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