Examples of Finite Verb


Definition of Finite Verb:

Finite Verbs are the real verbs that construct a sentence coming with the subjects.

Examples of Finite Verb
Examples of Finite Verb

Examples of Finite Verb:

  • We spend a great amount of time together and we want to do it forever.
  • Don’t just sit there idly when you should take the first move.
  • Don’t lie when someone asks you a serious question.
  • He did not show me the chocolate until I begged him to do so.
  • could not believe that he could bring chocolates for me.
  • offered him some juice when he arrived home.
  • She sings in the choir.
  • They walked to the park.
  • He ate breakfast early this morning.
  • The dog barked at the mailman.

  • She will study for the exam.
  • The teacher explained the lesson to the students.
  • He drives a sports car to work.
  • We watched a movie last night.
  • The birds fly south for the winter.
  • She has visited France twice.
  • They will play tennis this afternoon.
  • He slept late on the weekend.
  • The baby giggled at the funny noise.
  • We cooked dinner together in the kitchen.
  • She gave a speech at the conference.
  • Though he offended my feelings, I feel sorry for him.

  • Leave me a message if you don’t find me here.
  • was lying on the bed when you were having fun in the club.
  • You should not lie when someone asks you a serious question.
  • The water level is rising day by day and it is alarming.
  • We got up in the morning and prepared ourselves for the tour.
  • She had planned it another way.
  • Now he is convincing her to go with him.
  • But she is not listening to his bluffs.
  • am going to make a trip to South Africa.
  • have planned it just now.
  • don’t want to waste this plan this time.
  • We dreamt of many things together.
  • Though we could not reach all of our dreams, we are happy.
  • We walked a lot together and we want to do it forever.

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