Examples of Descriptive Adjective


Definition of Descriptive Adjectives:

A word that describes a noun/pronoun is called a descriptive adjective. It bestows a quality/feature to the noun.

Examples of Descriptive Adjective
Examples of Descriptive Adjective

Examples of Descriptive Adjective in Sentences: 

  • Alex is a nice person.
  • He is a cricketer.
  • I bought a genuine product.
  • I am a self-reliant man.
  • He has a beautiful niece.
  • She is a clever girl.
  • Give me that red big grammar book.
  • I have an old touring car.
  • He bought an expensive old silver mirror.
  • The majestic mountains rose high into the sky.
  • The shimmering stars lit up the dark night.
  • The bubbling brook flowed gently through the meadow.
  • The radiant sun illuminated the fields.
  • The delicate flowers bloomed in the garden.
  • The howling wind whistled through the trees.
  • The gleaming snow blanketed the ground.
  • The glimmering lake reflected the sunset.
  • The rustling leaves danced in the wind.

  • The rolling hills stretched out for miles.
  • The bright colors of the rainbow filled the sky.
  • The golden sand dunes shifted with the breeze.
  • The towering skyscrapers reached for the clouds.
  • The picturesque village was surrounded by lush green forests.
  • The sparkling gems glimmered in the light.
  • He gave me four gorgeous yellow roses.
  • I want to buy a diamond ring.
  • She loves golden jars.
  • I want to throw a surprise party for her.
  • Give me that big brown pad.
  • We ate some delicious food.
  • He plays with an enormous bat.
  • Robin is a hard-working person.
  • Shaun is an exciting cricketer.
  • Watson is a dashing all-rounder.
  • We caught a running kangaroo.
  • Don’t eat in that broken plate.

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