Examples of Demonstrative Adjective


Definition of Demonstrative Adjectives:

A word that directly indicates a person/thing or few people and few things. The demonstrative words are that, those, this, and these.

Examples of Demonstrative Adjective
Examples of Demonstrative Adjective

Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives in Sentences:

  • Give me that blue water bottle.
  • This time I won’t fail you.
  • I want those gorgeous marbles.
  • I wanted to propose you that day.
  • These mangoes are rotting.
  • I can’t forget that incident.
  • Those people were mean to her.
  • This car is faster than that one.
  • These apples are red and juicy.
  • That book on the shelf is mine.
  • This pencil is broken.
  • Those shoes don’t fit me.
  • This movie is too long.
  • That cake looks delicious.
  • These flowers are beautiful.

  • This jacket is too warm.
  • That person over there is my friend.
  • These cookies smell amazing.
  • This hat is too small.
  • That music is too loud.
  • These pants are too tight.
  • This pen is not working.
  • I cannot give you money at this moment.
  • I could not manage it at that moment.
  • Those rascals are back in the town.
  • This pen is smoother than that pen.
  • Will you please grant me that loan we talked about?
  • That building is stronger than this hut.
  • But this hut is more beautiful than that building.

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