Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, Objective Questions and Answers

Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions
Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions

Top Most Electrostatics – Electrical Engineering Multiple choice Questions and Answers

Latest Electrostatics Interview Questions Questions and Answers List

1. The force between two charges is 120 N. If the distance between the charges is doubled, the force will be
(a) 60 N
(b) 30 N
(c) 40 N
(d) 15 N
Ans: b

2. The electric field intensity at a point situated 4 meters from a point charge is 200 N/C. If the distance is reduced to 2 meters, the field intensity will be
(a) 400 N/C
(b) 600 N/C
(c) 800 N/C
(d) 1200 N/C
Ans: c

3. The lines of force due to charged particles are
(a) always straight
(b) always curved
(c) sometimes curved
(d) none of the above
Ans: b

4. The electric field at a point situated at a distance d from straight charged conductor is
(a) proportional to d
(b) inversely proportional to d
(c) inversely proportional to d
(d) none of the above
Ans: b

5. The direction of electric field due +0 positive charge is .
(a) away from the charge
(b) towards the charge
(c) both (a) and (6)
(d) none of the above
Ans: a

6. A field line and an equipotential surface are
(a) always parallel
(b) always at 90°
(c) inclined at any angle 0
(d) none of the above
Ans: b

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7. The ability of charged bodies to exert force on 6ne another is attributed to the existence of
(a) electrons
(b) protons
(c) neutrons
(d) electric field
Ans: d

8. If the sheet of a bakelite is inserted between the plates of an air capacitor, the capacitance will
(a) decrease
(b) increase
(c) remains unchanged
(d) become zero
Ans: b

9. A capacitor stores 0.24 coulombs at 10 volts. Its capacitance is
(a) 0.024 F
(b) 0.12 F
(c) 0.6 F
(d) 0.8 F
Ans: a

10. For making a capacitor, it is better to select a dielectric having
(a) low permittivity
(b) high permittivity
(c) permittivity same as that of air
(d) permittivity slightly more than that of air
Ans: b


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