Download Disha NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests


Download Disha NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests (87 Chapter-wise + 12 Subject-wise + 2 Full) PDF

Disha Experts is a team of the most renowned and prolific content writers pioneering in School and Test Prep segments (Competitive Exams & Government Vacancies). It consists of more than 30 experts comprising of PhDs, B-Techs, PGs, etc. working full-time with decades of experience in various academic and competitive exam verticals. Disha Experts has emerged as a think tank in the School and Test Prep segments providing the most updated (latest pattern & syllabus-wise) to-the-point student-friendly (relevant & easy-to-understand presentation) content such that the aspirants can give their best.

“Download Disha NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests”

Download Disha NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests
Download Disha NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests

Book Details:

Title Of The Book NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests
Author’s Name Disha Experts
Publishers Disha Experts
File Size 14.8 MB
File Type PDF

Disha ‘NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests’ contains:

1. 87 Chapter-wise plus 12 Subject-wise plus 2 Full Syllabus Tests based on the NCERT and JEE Main Syllabus.
2. Carefully selected Questions (30 per Chapter/Subject and 90 per Full Test) that helps you assess and master the complete syllabus for JEE Main.
2. The book is divided into 3 parts: (a) 87 Chapter-wise Tests (29 in Physics, 30 in Chemistry and 28 in Mathematics); (b) 12 Subject-wise (4 each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics); (c) 2 Full Test of PCM.
3. Time Limit, Maximum Marks, Cutoff, Qualifying Score for each Test is provided.
4. These Tests will act as an Ultimate tool for Concept Checking and Speed Building.
5. Collection of 3210 MCQ’s of all variety as per latest pattern and syllabus of NEET exam.
This book, if completed with Full Honesty, will help you improve your score by 15-20 per cent.
 A must-have the book in the last 3-4 months of the exam and can be completed in 105 hours.

“NTA JEE Main 101 Speed Tests”

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