Difference between Surge Arrester And Lightning Arrester


What is Surge Arrester?

Surge arrester is a voltage limiting device installed inside the installation equipment panel to protect the insulation, equipment and machines not only from lightning, but also from transient voltage produced by switching, sparks, load shading and other electrical faults such as ground faults etc.

What is Lightning Arrester?

Lightning Arrester is a protective device used to protect the circuit from lightning strokes having high transient voltage surges, surge currents due to lightning, spark and isolation arcs etc. It is used to protect the power system by redirecting the high voltage surges to the ground. Although, the earthing or ground wire also protects the overhead lines and power system from direct lightning strikes but it may fail to protect against traveling waves which may reach to the terminal connected devices and equipment. For this reason, surge diverters or lightning arresters are used to protect the power system against such produced surges by faults or lightning stokes.

Difference between Surge Arrester And Lightning Arrester

Surge Arrester

Lightning Arrester

The main function of these arrestors is to protect several kinds of electrical appliances from inside the home.

The primary function of these arrestors is to defend the electrical appliances from outside and so they are installed outside the home or business.

The surge arrestors have to be installed within the main panel board.

The installation of lightning arrestors can be done only to the outside panel board.

The surge arrestors defend the whole system from surges, switching lightning, electrical faults, and transient voltage.

The lightning arrestors redirect the flow of electricity to the ground through the arrestor devices directly.

These kinds of arrestors interrupt the surges and divert the surplus energy toward the ground through the ground wire.

The lightning arrestors are used for lightning strikes. Moreover, they can be used for linked surges as well.

The different types of surge arrestors include low-voltage, distribution, neutral protection, fiber tube, network, signal, direct current, stations, etc.

The different types of lightning arrestors are metal oxide, electrolyte, multi gap, horn, sphere, and rod.

This arrestor can be used only as a surge arrestor.

They can be used as surge arrestors as well.

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