Difference Between Cell and Battery


What is a Cell?

The cell is a single power generating unit which stores the chemical energy and then converts it into electrical energy. It has two electrodes namely cathode and the anode.The cell has an electrolyte, a chemical substance that reacts with the electrodes and produces electric current.

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What is a Battery?

The battery is a device which consists two or more units of an electrochemical cell.The positive terminal of the battery is known as the cathode whereas the negative terminal of the battery is known as the anode. The battery is of two types, i.e., the primary battery and the secondary battery.

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Difference Between Cell and Battery



A cell is a single unit device which converts chemical energy into electric energy.

A battery usually consists of group of cells.

Dry Cell, Wet Cell , Reserve Cell and Fuel Cell.

Primary battery and Secondary battery.

Supply power for a short time.

Supply power for a long time.

Depending on the types of electrolytes used, a cell is either reserve, wet or dry types. Cell also includes  molten salt type.

A battery is either a primary battery or a secondary battery meaning it is rechargeable or non-chargeable.

A cell is used mostly for lighter tasks  which requires less energy. It is used in

lamps, clocks, lamp, etc.

A battery is mostly used for heavy-duty tasks. It is used in inverters, automobiles, inverter, etc.



A cell is usually light and compact as it has a single unit.

Battery normally consists of several cells thus giving it a bigger size and is bulky.

The cell can produce less energy i.e. A 1.5V, 100mA AAA cell can produce the output power of 1.5 Watts of Power for one hour.

Supply power for a long time. I.e. 12 V, 7.5 AH battery can produce the power around 90 Watts per hour. Since the power can be Spilt up into multiple hours according to the usage.

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