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Craig’s Soil Mechanics

Download Craig’s Soil Mechanics By R.F. Craig – Soil Mechanics written by R.F. Craig, Formerly Department of Civil Engineering University of Dundee UK, is published by Spon Press, Taylor and Francis Group. This book is intended primarily to serve the needs of the undergraduate civil engineering student and aims at the clear explanation, in adequate depth, of the fundamental principles of soil mechanics. The understanding of these principles is considered to be an essential foundation upon which future practical experience in geotechnical engineering can be built. The choice of material involves an element of personal opinion but the contents of this book should cover the requirements of most undergraduate courses to honours level as well as parts of some Masters courses.

It is assumed that the reader has no prior knowledge of the subject but has a good understanding of basic mechanics. The book includes a comprehensive range of worked examples and problems set for solution by the student to consolidate understanding of the fundamental principles and illustrate their application in simple practical situations. Both the traditional and limit state methods of design are included and some of the concepts of geotechnical engineering are introduced. The different types of field instrumentation are described and a number of case studies are included in which the differences between prediction and performance are discussed. References are included as an aid to the more advanced study of any particular topic. It is intended that the book will serve also as a useful source of reference for the practising engineer.

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Craig’s Soil Mechanics By R.F. Craig – PDF Free Download

Craig’s Soil Mechanics By R.F. Craig
Craig’s Soil Mechanics By R.F. Craig

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Craig’s Soil Mechanics
Author’s Name R.F. Craig
Publishers R.F. Craig
File Size 10.9 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

  1. Basic characteristics of soils
  2. Seepage
  3. Effective stress
  4. Shear strength
  5. Stresses and displacements
  6. Lateral earth pressure
  7. Consolidation theory
  8. Bearing capacity
  9. Stability of slopes
  10. Ground investigation
  11. Case studies

“Craig’s Soil Mechanics By R.F. Craig PDF File”

“Craig’s Soil Mechanics By R.F. Craig PDF”

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