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Control Systems Engineering

Download Control Systems Engineering By A.Nagoor Kani – Highly regarded for its case studies and accessible writing, Control Systems Engineering is a valuable resource for engineers. It takes a practical approach while presenting clear and complete explanations. Real world examples demonstrate the analysis and design process. In addition, helpful skill assessment exercises, numerous in-chapter examples, review questions, and problems reinforce key concepts. Tutorials are also included on the latest versions of MATLAB, the Control System Toolbox, Simulink, the Symbolic Math Toolbox, and MATLAB’s graphical user interface (GUI) tools. What if experiments help expand an engineer’s knowledge and skills.

The book provides an integrated treatment of continuous-time and discrete-time systems for two courses at undergraduate level or one course at postgraduate level. The stress is on the interdisciplinary nature of subject and examples have been drawn from various engineering disciplines to illustrate the basic system concepts. A strong emphasis is laid on modeling of practical systems involving hardware; control components of a wide variety are comprehensively covered. Time and frequency domain techniques of analysis and design of control systems have been exhaustively treated and their interrelationship established.

Adequate breadth and depth is made available for second course. The coverage includes digital control systems: analysis, stability and classical design; state variables for both continuous-time and discrete-time systems; observers and pole-placement design; Liapunov stability; optimal control; and recent advances in control systems: adaptive control, fuzzy logic control, neural network control.

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“Control Systems Engineering By A.Nagoor Kani – PDF Free Download”

Control Systems Engineering By A.Nagoor Kani

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Control Systems Engineering
Author’s Name A.Nagoor Kani
Publishers A.Nagoor Kani
File Size 74.5 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:


List of Symbols and Abbreviations

Chapter 1 Mathematical Model of Control System

1.1 Control System

1.2 Examples of Control Systems

1.3 Mathematical Models of Control System

1.4 Mechanical Translational Systems

1.5 Mechanical Rotational Systems

1.6 Electrical System

1.7 Transfer Function of Armature Controlled DC Motor

1.8 Transfer Function of Field Controlled DC Motor

1.9 Electrical Analogous of Mechanical Translational Systems

1.10 Electrical Analogous of Mechanical Rotational Systems

1.11 Block Diagrams

1.12 Block Diagrams Reduction using MATLAB

1.13 Signal Flow Graph

1.14 Short Answers Questions

1.15 Exercises

Chapter 2 Time Response Analysis

2.1 Time Respone

2.2 Test Signal

2.3 Impulse Response

2.4 Order of a System

2.5 Review of Partial Fraction Expansion

2.6 Response of First Order System for Unit Step Input

2.7 Second Order System

2.7.1 Response of Undamped Second Order System for Unit Step Input

2.7.2 Response of Underdamped Second Order System for Unit Step Input

2.7.3 Response of Critically Damped Second Order System for Unit Step Input

2.7.4 Response of Over Damped Second Order System for Unit Step input

2.8 Time Domain Specifications

2.9 Type Number of Control System

2.10 Steady State Error

2.11 Static Error Constant

2.12 Steady State Error when the Input is Unit Step Signal

2.13 Steady State Error when the Input is Unit Ramp Signal

2.14 Steady State Error when the Input is Unit Parabolic Signal

2.15 Generalized Error Coefficients

2.16 Evaluation of Generalized Error Coefficients

2.17 Correlation between Static and Dynamic Error Coefficients

2.18 Alternate Method for Generalized Error Coefficients

2.19 Components of Automatic Control System

2.20 Controllers

2.21 Response with P, PI, PD and PID Controllers

2.22 Time Response Analysis using MATLAB

2.23 Short Answers Questions

2.24 Exercies

Chapter 3 Frequency Analysis

3.1 Sinusoidal Transfer Function and Frequency Response

3.2 Frequency Domain Specifications

3.3 Frequency Domain Specifications of Second Order System

3.4 Correlation between Time and Frequency Response

3.5 Frequency Response Plots

3.6 Bode Plot

3.7 Polar Plots

3.8 Nichols Plot

3.9 Closed Loop Response from Open Loop Response

3.10 M and N Circles

3.11 Nichols Chart

3.12 Frequency Response Analysis Using MATLAB

3.13 Short Answers Questions

3.14 Excercises

Chapter 4 Concepts of Stability and Root Locus

4.1 Impulse Response and Stability

4.2 Location of Poles on S-Plane for Stability

4.3 Routh Hurwitz Criterion

4.4 Mathematical Preliminaries for Nyquist Stability Criterion

4.5 Nyquist Stability Criterion

4.6 Relative Stability

4.7 Gain Margin and Phase Margin

4.8 Root Locus

4.9 Nyquist and Root Locus Plots using MATLAB

4.10 Short Answers Questions

4.11 Exercises

Chapter 5 Linear System Design

5.1 Introduction to Design using Compensators

5.2 Lag Compensator

5.3 Lead Compensator

5.4 Lag-Lead Compensator

5.5 Pi, PD and PID Controllers

5.6 Feedback Compensation

5.7 Short Answers Questions

5.8 Exercises

Chapter 6 State Space Analysis

6.1 Introduction

6.2 State Space Formulation

6.3 State Model of Linear System

6.4 State Diagram

6.5 State Space Representation using Physical Variables

6.6 State Space Representation using Phase Variables

6.7 State Space Representation using Canonical Variables

6.8 Solution of State Equations

6.9 Transformation of State Model

6.10 Concepts of Controllability and Observability

6.11 State Space Representation of Discrete Time System

6.12 State Space Analysis using MATLAB

6.13 Short Answers Questions

6.14 Exercises

Chapter 7 Sampled Data Control Systems

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Sampling Process

7.3 Analysis of Sampling Process in Frequency Domain

7.4 Reconstruction of Sampled Signals using Hold Circuits

7.5 Discrete Sequence (Discrete Time Signal)

7.6 Z-Transform

7.7 Linear Discrete Time Systems

7.8 Transfer Function of LDS System (Pulse Transfer Function)

7.9 Analysis of Sampler and Zero-Order Hold

7.10 Analysis of Systems with Impulse Sampling

7.11 Analysis of Sampled Data Control Systems using Z-Transform

7.12 The Z-and S-Domain Relationship

7.13 Stability Analysis of Sampled Data Control Systems

7.14 Short Answers Questions

7.15 Exercises


Appendix 1 Laplace Transform Pairs and Properties

Appendix 2 Roots of Algebric Equation by Lin’s Method

Appendix 3 Matrix Fundamentals

Appendix 4 Z-Tranform Pairs and Properties

Appendix 5 MATLAB Commands


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