Concrete Screed – Properties and Composition of Screeds


Screed in Concrete Construction

Screed in concrete construction is a process of cutting off the excess wet concrete. And to bring top surface slab to a proper level. And to provide a good smooth floor. A screed is a flat board uses to smoothen the concrete.

Concrete Screed in Construction


Properties and composition of the screed

A screed is a construction element constructs in a range of thickness. Its purpose is to bring the surface of the flooring to the design height. And to provide a suitable surface for installing the specific flooring.

The screed is a flat board or an aluminum tool. It uses to smoothen the concrete after it places over a surface.


A screed makes from pre-blended mortar mixes with binders. They set as guides for straight edges. And helps in bringing the surface of floor concrete to the required level.

The screed is hard in nature. This resists the stresses and the distortion causing on the spreading and leveling of the floor topping.

Specifications of an effective screed

  1. Acts as a substrate, important for fixing the specified flooring
  2. It is laying on schedule
  3. shows durability under various service conditions

The service conditions specify it is external or internal for civil, commercial and industrial flooring purpose.


Composition of Screed

The major components of screed show good performance

  • Admixtures for mixing it with water, liquid and powdered superplasticizers, cement, and aggregates.
  • Special binders to mix with water and aggregates.
  • Mixes of aggregates in a granulometric curve to make the screeds.
  • Special pre-blended mortars to mix with water.


  • Improve the quality of concrete
  • Reduce repairs
  • Lower costs
  • Improvement of health and safety
  • Elimination of vibrators
  • Reduce of noise around the site
  • Thinner concrete
  • Good durability and
  • Quality of concrete
  • Ease of placing
  • Reduce equipment and
  • Labors
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