[PDF] Comprehensive Chemistry for JEE Advanced by KL Kapoor Book Free Download


Comprehensive Chemistry for JEE Advanced

Download Comprehensive Chemistry for JEE Advanced by KL Kapoor Book. Comprehensive Chemistry Jee Advanced is based on the prescribed syllabus. Divided into 34 chapters that cover the entire gamut of the subject (Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry & Organic Chemistry), each chapter begins with a revisit of the important list of definitions, formulae, theorems, etc. This is followed by MCQs, Linked-Comprehension Type, Assertion-Reason and Matrix-Match type questions. All Questions are fully solved and there is adequate coverage of more difficult concepts.


  • Bohr’s theory of atomic structure, quantum numbers and orbitals.
  • MO approach to diatomic molecules, concepts of hybridization/VSEPR theory.
  • Van der Waals equation of state and its application to the behaviour of real gases.
  • Crystal systems, packing of atoms, ionic solids, density of crystals and imperfection
  • Colligative properties of non-electrolytic and electrolytic solutions.
  • Electrolysis, conductance and galvanic cells.
  • Rate laws, the effect of catalyst and temperature on the rate of reaction.
  • pH of salt solutions and solubility product.
  • Le-Chatelier principle, the relation between Kp and Kc.
  • Thermochemical calculations and criterion of spontaneity.
  • Radioactive decay.

Organic and Inorganic

  • Boron and its compounds.
  • Silicates and silicones.
  • Oxoacids of P, S and halogens.
  • Interhalogens and compounds of noble gases.
  • Transition elements, coordination compounds and lanthanides.
  • Important compounds such as H2O2, NaHCO3, Na2CO3, KMnO4 and K2CrO7.
  • Quantitive analysis of salts.
  • Isomerism including optical isomerism.
  • Inductance and resonance effects on acidity and basicity of acids and bases.
  • Factors affecting SN1 and SN2 reactions.
  • Reactions involving rearrangement.
  • Bromination and hydrogenation of cis- and trans-alkenes, debromination of di-bromobutane.
  • Characteristic reaction of aldehyde, ketones and carboxylic acids derivatives.
  • Reactions with Grignard reagent and those of diazonium salt.
  • Carbohydrates and polymers.
  • Quantitative analysis of organic compounds.
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“Comprehensive Chemistry for JEE Advanced by KL Kapoor”

Comprehensive Chemistry for JEE Advanced by KL Kapoor
Comprehensive Chemistry for JEE Advanced by KL Kapoor

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Comprehensive Chemistry for JEE Advanced
Author’s Name KL Kapoor
Publishers KL Kapoor
File Size – MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:


1. The Concept of Atoms and Molecules
2. Gaseous, Liquid and Solid States
3. Atomic Structure
4. Periodicity of Properties of Elements
5. Bonding and Molecular Structure
6. Energetics
7. Chemical Equilibria
8. Electrochemistry
9. Solutions
10. Chemical Kinetics
11. Surface Chemistry
12. Nuclear Chemistry


13. Non-Metals
14. Compounds of Metals
15. Compounds of Nonmetals
16. Transition Elements
17. Ores/Minerals and Extractive Metallurgy
18. Exercises in Inorganic Chemistry


19. Hybridization, Isomerism and Nomenclature
20. Inductive and Resonance Effects
21. Alkanes
22. Alkenes
23. Alkynes
24. Benzene
25. Alkyl and Aryl Halides
26. Alcohols and Ethers
27. Aldehydes and Ketones
28. Carboxylic Acids
29. Phenols
30. Amines
31. Carbohydrates
32. Amino Acids and Peptides
33. Polymers
34. Exercises in Organic Chemistry

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