[PDF] Compendium General English By B.B. Jain Book Free Download

Compendium General English By B.B. Jain
Compendium General English By B.B. Jain

Compendium General English

Download Compendium General English By B.B. Jain – English is indeed a difficult language to learn, and the rules of Formal and Applied Grammar and Usage which govern it are equally difficult for the learner to understand and apply correctly. This is more so because there are many exceptions to most of the rules. The learner would therefore need not only an explication of the rules but also a large number of illustrative examples and exercises for practice. This point has been kept in mind all through the course of writing of this book. The book has, therefore, turned out to be not only a complete Textbook of Grammar, but also a comprehensive Desk-book for practice.

The book is designed to be all-comprehensive in its range and scope. It has 45 Chapters which, as the contents would show, cover practically all aspects of Applied Grammar, Usage, Word-Formation, Comprehension, and Composition. It represents a synthesis of the traditional and structural methods to teach the learner how to read, write, and speak English correctly, idiomatically and fluently. While dealing with the grammatical and structural problems under various chapters, special attention has been paid to the intricate and ticklish problems which even the advanced students have to face. These problems relate particularly to the correct use of Syntax, Articles, Prepositions, Auxiliaries, Non-Finite Verbs, Position of Adverbs, Tense and Time sense, and Phrasal expressions. Due attention has also been paid to the special requirements of the candidates appearing at various competitive examinations at the State and Central levels.

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It is confidently hoped that the book would serve as a complete and practical textbook and manual of English Grammar, Usage and Comprehension to the candidates preparing for the various University and competitive examinations throughout the country.

“Compendium General English By B.B. Jain – Book PDF Free Download”

Compendium General English By B.B. Jain
Compendium General English By B.B. Jain

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Compendium General English
Author’s Name B.B. Jain
Publishers B.B. Jain
File Size – MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

1. Some Basic Concepts

  • Letters, Syllables, Phrases and Sentences
  • Kinds of Sentences
  • Parts of Speech

2. Syntax

  • Agreement of the Verb with the Subject
  • Some Exceptions
  • Collective Noun and the Verb
  • Some Typical Nouns and the Verb
  • Relative Pronoun and the Verb
  • Numeral Expressions and the Verb
  • Quantitative Expressions and the Verb
  • Verb ‘to be’ and the Complement
  • Nouns/Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives

3. Articles

  • Kinds of Articles
  • Forms of Indefinite Article : ‘a’ or ‘an’
  • Uses of Indefinite Article
  • Uses of Definite Article
  • Omission of Articles
  • Position of Articles

4. Nouns

  • Formation of Genders
  • Conversion of Numbers
  • Formation of Possessive Case
  • Correct Use of Nouns : Rules

5. Pronouns

  • Forms of Pronouns
  • Correct Use of Pronouns : Personal Pronouns
  • Pronoun ‘It’/’This’
  • Relative Pronouns
  • Compound Relative Pronouns
  • Omission of Relative Pronouns
  • Reflexive Pronouns
  • Interrogative Pronouns

6. Adjectives

  • Kinds of Adjectives
  • Position of Adjectives
  • Degrees of Adjectives
  • Correct Use of Adjectives : Positive Degree Adjectives
  • Comparative Degree Adjectives
  • Superlative Degree Adjectives
  • Some Other Typical Adjectives

7. Adverbs

  • Kinds of Adverbs
  • Degrees of Adverbs
  • Position of Adverbs
  • Some Typical Adverbs
  • Some Common Rules

8. Prepositions

  • Forms of Preposition
  • Functional Types of Preposition
  • Use of Prepositions : Their Place
  • Omission of Preposition
  • Wrong Use of Prepositions
  • Some Typical Prepositions
  • Preposition + Gerund
  • The Same Word followed by Different Prepositions
  • Different Forms of Words followed by Different Prepositions 155
  • List of Appropriate Prepositions
    • (a) Nouns followed by Prepositions
    • (b) Adjectives and Participles followed by Prepositions
    • (c) Verbs followed by Prepositions

9. Conjunctions

  • Correlative Conjunctions
  • Uses of Conjunctions
  • Functional Conjunctions

10. Verbs

  • Kinds of Verbs
  • Auxiliary/Modal Verbs : Their Functions
  • Verbs ‘To be’ : Am, Is, Are, Was, Were.
  • Have/Has/Had
  • May/Might
  • Can/Could
  • Shall/Should, Will/Would
  • Must/Ought
  • Need/Needn’t
  • Dare/Daren’t
  • Used to
  • Two Auxiliaries and Principal Verb

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