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Download CAD/CAM/CIM By P. Radhakrishnan,‎ S. Subramanyam – This new edition of CAD/CAM/CIM has incorporated a few additions to provide the readers information on some of the recent developments. The technology maturity level of CIM has advanced with more and more sophistication and reliability in computer hardware and software. The concept of ‘design anywhere and build anywhere’ has made manufacturing truly global. This edition gives a more detailed account of the core technologies-geometric modeling and CNC machine tools.

The emphasis of this book is on integrated automation for product development. The book gives a detailed coverage of product development philosophies, computer graphics, computer hardware, operating systems, finite element modeling and analysis, database management, Computer aided process planning, PLC, ERP, robots, computer aided quality control, computer networking, collaborative design, graphic standards, CIM models, FMS, simulation and modeling and shop floor data collection. This book is written for mechanical and manufacturing engineers and students at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

CAD/CAM/CIM By P. Radhakrishnan,‎ S. Subramanyam – PDF Free Download

CAD/CAM/CIM By P. Radhakrishnan,‎ S. Subramanyam Book
CAD/CAM/CIM By P. Radhakrishnan,‎ S. Subramanyam Book

Book Details:

Title Of The Book CAD/CAM/CIM
Author’s Name P. Radhakrishnan,‎ S. Subramanyam
Publishers P. Radhakrishnan,‎ S. Subramanyam
File Size 10.1 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Product Development Through CIM
  • Principles of Computer Graphics
  • Computer Hardware
  • Operating Systems and Environments
  • Geometric Modeling Techniques
  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis in CIM
  • CIM Data Base and Data Base Management Systems
  • Computer Aided Process Planning
  • Planning of Resources for Manufacturing Through Information Systems
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • CNC Machine Tools
  • Robots in Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Computer Aided Quality Control
  • Fundamentals of Networking
  • Collaborative Engineering
  • Graphic Standards
  • CIM Models
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Shop Floor Data Collection Systems
  • Simulation in Manufacturing

“CAD/CAM/CIM By P. Radhakrishnan,‎ S. Subramanyam PDF File”

“CAD/CAM/CIM By P. Radhakrishnan,‎ S. Subramanyam PDF”

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