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Advanced Machining Processes

Download Advanced Machining Processes By V. K. Jain – Advanced Machining Processes, authored by Vijay K. Jain, is a comprehensive book for students pursuing Mechanical Engineering. It provides information on updated and advanced machine processes that are used today. The technology developed in research laboratories cannot be brought to the shop floor unless its applications are realized by user industries. Diversified industrial applications of different AMPs discussed in the book help readers in evolving new areas of applications to make the fullest possible use of the capabilities of AMPs. At the end of each chapter there is a section titled AT-A-GLANCE which will definitely help students in quick revision of a chapter, for teachers in preparing transparencies as teaching aids, and practicing engineers in making quick decisions about the specific process to be used for machining a particular product. Some of the recently developed machining processes (AFM, MAF, AWJM, STEM, etc) other than the processes usually discussed (AJM, USM, EDM, EBM, ECM, etc) in available books on this subject have been incorporated.

“Advanced Machining Processes By V. K. Jain – PDF Free Download”

Advanced Machining Processes By V. K. Jain
Advanced Machining Processes By V. K. Jain

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Advanced Machining Processes
Author’s Name V. K. Jain
Publishers V. K. Jain
File Size 8.5 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

Metal cutting operations and terminology
Trends in metal cutting theory and practice
Cutting tool materials
Modelling and simulation of machining processes and operations
Orthogonal and oblique cutting mechanics
Chip control
Cutting vibrations
Heat in metal cutting
Cutting fluids
Tribology of metal cutting
Tool wear and tool life
Machinability of engineering materials
Machining economics and optimization
Advanced machining processes
Sensor-assisted machining
Virtual and e-machining
Surface integrity
Troubleshooting for machining Appendix Index

“Advanced Machining Processes By V. K. Jain PDF File”

“Free Download Advanced Machining Processes By V. K. Jain PDF”

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