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Advanced Foundation Engineering

Download Advanced Foundation Engineering By V.N.S. Murthy – Advanced Foundation Engineering written by V.N.S.Murthy, Consulting Geotechnical Engineer, Bangalore, is published by CBS Publishers and Distributors. Advanced Foundation Engineering is the second volume in the series on geotechnical engineering closely following A Textbook of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering written to meet the requirements of undergraduate students. This volume covers various aspects of foundation engineering bringing together all the relevant advanced theories coherently. As foundations have to be designed to simulate field conditions it is imperative that the consulting engineer must be conversant with all the theories that are available as also the available approaches. This volume strives to meet most of these requirements It also presents in detail authors own research work on laterally loaded pile foundations to solve many of the problems confronted in this field. The approach is direct and simple as compared to the complicated methods proposed by others. This is an excellent text-reference for the postgraduate students practising engineers consultants researchers and professionals in addition to serving as a valuable resource for the candidates appearing in Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers (GATE) UPSC and other national selection entrance tests / examinations.

Advanced Foundation Engineering By V.N.S. Murthy – PDF Free Download

Advanced Foundation Engineering By V.N.S. Murthy
Advanced Foundation Engineering By V.N.S. Murthy

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Advanced Foundation Engineering
Author’s Name V.N.S. Murthy
Publishers V.N.S. Murthy
File Size 34.3 MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

1.         Introduction
2.         Geotechnical Properties of Soild
3.         Soil Exploration
4.         Shallow Foundation 1 : Depth of Foundation and Other Considerations
5.         Shallow Foundation 2 : Ultimate Bearing Capacity
6.         Shallow Foundation 3 : Safe Bearing Pressure and Settlement Calculation
7.         Shallow Foundation 4 : Combines Footings and Mat Foundation
8.         Deep Foundation 1 : Vertical Load Bearing Capacity of Single Vertical Pile
9.         Deep Foundation 2 : Behaviour of Single Vertical and Batter Piles Subjected to Lateral Loads
10.       Deep Foundation 3 : Pile Groups Subjected to Vertical and Lateral Loads
11.       Deep Foundation 4 : Drilled Pier Foundations
12.       Deep Foundation 5 : Caisson Foundations
13.       Foundations on Collapsible and Expansive Soils
14.       Cellular Cofferdams
15.       Machine Foundations Subjected to Dynamic Loads
16.       Geotextiles Reinfroced Earth and Ground Anchors
17.       Soil Improvement
18.       Braced-Cuts and Drainage
19.       Braced-cuts
20.       Drainage

“Advanced Foundation Engineering By V.N.S. Murthy PDF File”

“Advanced Foundation Engineering By V.N.S. Murthy PDF”

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