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Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Download Advanced Engineering Mathematics By H K Dass – Advanced Engineering Mathematics, compiled by H. K. Dass, is a comprehensive book for engineering students of all branches. It discusses topics like Partial Differentiation, Multiple Integral, Differential Equations, Vectors, Special Functions, Determinants and Matrices, Complex Numbers, Statistics, Probability, Fourier Series, Laplace Transforms, Z-Transforms, Fuzzy Sets, Hilbert Transform, Infinite Series, Tensor Analysis, Calculus of Variations and Linear Programming among many other concepts.

Key Featuures

  • Two New Chapters -Transformation and Taylor’s and Laurent’s Series have been included
  • Every topic relating to the subject has been provided with ample coverage.
  • Close to 1400 solved examples (including previous year questions of different universities) on various topics have been incorporated for the better understanding and to make familiar with the standard and trend of questions set in the examinations.
  • More than 260 exercise sets and book-end solved question papers provide apt practice of all concepts explained.
  • Useful formulae and 10 years question papers have been provided, which will be helpful for students while preparing for examinations

“Advanced Engineering Mathematics By H K Dass – Book PDF Free Download”

Advanced Engineering Mathematics By H K Dass
Advanced Engineering Mathematics By H K Dass

Book Details:

Title Of The Book Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Author’s Name H K Dass
Publishers H K Dass
File Size – MB
File Type PDF

Table Of Content:

1. Partial Differentiation
2. Multiple Integral
3. Differential Equations
4. Determinants and Matrices
5. Vectors
6. Complex Numbers
7. Functions of a Complex Variable
8. Special Functions
9. Partial Differential Equations
10. Statistics
11. Probability
12. Fourier Series
13. Laplace Transformation
14. Integral Transforms
15. Numerical Techniques
16. Numerical Method for Solution of Partial Differential Equation
17. Calculus of Variations
18. Tensor Analysis
19. Z-transforms
20. Infinite Series
21. Gamma, Beta Functions, Differentiation under the Integral Sign
22. Chebyshev  Polynomials
23. Fuzzy Sets
24. Hankel Transform
25. Hilbert Transform
26. Empirical Laws and Curve Fitting (Method of Least Squares)
27. Linear Programming
Useful Formulae
Solved Questions Paper
Question Papers, 2006, 2005, 2004

“Advanced Engineering Mathematics By H K Dass PDF File”

“Free Download Advanced Engineering Mathematics By H K Dass PDF”

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