4 Point Starter | Diagram and Working Principle

4 Point Starter Diagram and Working Principle
4 Point Starter Diagram and Working Principle

4 Point Starter

The formation of this starter has been shown in the figure. We have seen that DC motors cannot be combined with direct supply because the motor is damaged. To avoid this, the starter is used. We use the DC stator And we will now know about the DC 4 point starter.

Diagram and Working Principle

Its composition has been shown as shown in the figure. We can see that one end of the DC solution is given in overloaded relay, and given in the handle. It is arranged in accordance with the order of the motor of the motor through Resistance. .and the other end of the DC clearway is given directly to the other terminal of the motor, ie, the starter is attached to the motor series. The nvc coil is also found in the stator Holds the handle on the motor coming to the full speed.
Now when the collapse of the current supply falls, the magnetism of the nvc coil will be lost and the handle will come back into a closed position with the help of spring and the handle will not turn on until the reloaded handle is re-rotated.
Now when the current motors overload the question of overload, more flow will pass through the overloaded relay, and in it the magnet produces the strip against it as a result and both the nvc coil’s terminal short nvc coil magnetism is destroyed and the handle will be re-closed. And the motor will be closed
So this was the 4 point starter’s procedure

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